The Team

Gill Buckley

 - Groom

Gill has been a huge part of the family for the last 10 years and her experience as an event groom has not only helped Bella get to where she is today, she has also been an enormous support link to Bella. Gill now helps Bella with her social media and the administrative/business side of her business.

Izzy Mckeeman

 - Groom

Izzy started working for Bella when she moved to her new yard in Wiltshire a few years ago. Izzy’s wealth of knowledge and experience is a huge asset to Bella’s yard and she would be lost without her! She has worked for a number of 5* eventing yards so Bella is incredibly lucky to have someone with her experience as part of her team. All the horses are turnout out to the highest of standards and her attention to detail is phenomenal.

Alice Dorman

 - Physio

Alice Dorman is an experienced and skilled massage therapist, who specialises in equine sports rehabilitation and therapeutic massage. Alice is a valuable member of the team and Bella can always feel a massive difference in her horses after she has visited. Alice has a phenomenal attention to detail and makes sure that all the horses are able to perform to the very best of their ability.

Phil Martin

 - Farrier

Phill Martin has taken the time to get to know each of Bella's horses since he started shoeing for Bella. He has adapted his shoeing to suit their individual needs, as well as bringing fantastic new ideas to help the horses be more comfortable, so they can reach their full potential. No yard can succeed without the help and experience of a good farrier!

Alice Croxford

 - Vet

Alice Croxford has been a vital support link to Bella since she moved yards. Alice has a special interest in management of the competition horse, particularly orthopaedic conditions, rehabilitation, poor performance, and diagnostic imaging. The horses care is always her paramount. Alice’s support throughout the past few years has been greatly appreciated as she has given great guidance and advice in some fairy stressful situations!

Adam Kemp

 - Trainer

Adam Kemp has transformed both Bella's dressage riding as well as her overall scores in the test. Adam makes everything incredibly straight forward and easy to understand so Bella will always walk away from the lessons with huge confidence and understanding the areas she needs to work on. He has enormously helped increase Bella's knowledge on producing the young horses and laying the correct foundations as well as fine-tuning her top horses. He equally makes the lessons very enjoyable and fun which is very important!

Dickie Waygood

 - Trainer

Dickie is the technical director and Eventing Performance Manager. Dickie has been training Bella at home for the past two seasons and has really helped her concentrate on her own body position over the fence and how it can impact the horses balance, as well as her line to the next fence.

Chris Bartle

 - Trainer

Chris Bartle has provided invaluable support and guidance to Bella over a number of years. He has outstanding expertise and experience being the Team German Trainer and now British Eventing Team's High Performance Coach. Chris has increased Bella's confidence no end by simplifying the jumping phases and making her ride with what she feels instead of over thinking her performance. He has been a great support to Bella at the competitions, helping her come up with the best possible plan when walking the cross-country courses.


 - Parents

Bella’s Mum, Virge has been utterly amazing and Bella really wouldn't have got to where she is today without her dedication, support and sacrifices she has made. She has been and will continue to be a huge support and a very important member of Bella’s team.


 - Owners

I very much want my owners to enjoy the sport of eventing and to try and create a friendly, fun day out where they can enjoy watching their horse perform, as well as being surrounded by likeminded people who have the same passion. My main priority is to make it as rewarding as I possibly can during both the competitions and at home.

If you are new to eventing, or if you already own a horse and are interested in Bella competing him/her for you then please do call me on 07825187700, we can have a chat and arrange a visit to the yard to see our facilities and meet the team. We always look forward to welcoming new team members.

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