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Voltaire Design

Voltaire Design logoInnovative and decidedly chic, Voltaire Design specialises in upscale custom saddles. Recognisable by their blue striped gullet, Voltaire Design Saddles are made in France with the finest French leathers and are infinitely customisable. Created in 2010 in the idyllic French town of Espelette, the brand opted to launch first in the United States.

Voltaire Design’s mission is to enable every rider to fully express their own potential. With the comfort and performance of the horse and rider as their main concern, they made ‘innovation’ their motto, in order to offer better products to help riders achieve their full potential.

To now be working with Voltaire is a huge privilege and a great excitement. Bella specifically loves the amount of freedom it provides the horses shoulders, as well as customising the saddle to fit their individual needs. The horses have never felt better in their new jump saddles, so I am very excited to get the same feeling in the dressage saddle that I am currently customising to fit both my horses and myself individual needs.

Flair Nasal Strips

Flair Nasal StripsDeveloped by veterinarians, FLAIR® Strips are drug-free, self-adhesive nasal strips that promote optimum health of equine athletes, in all disciplines and every level of competition. The Strips gently support the soft tissues over the nasal passages (the narrowest part of the upper airway) and reduce airway resistance and improve airflow when your horse needs oxygen most.

Bella has used Flair Strips for a number of years as she massively values the benefits it provides her event horses. It allows her horses to breathe easier, recover faster, reduce fatigue and conserve energy. Bella believes that anything that will make her horses life easier and enhance performance, then it is a no brainer to follow the research and science and use the best possible equipment as you can.

Humphrey Butler Jewellery

Humphrey Butler JewelleryHumphrey Butler Ltd was founded in June 2000 by Humphrey Butler, a former auction house specialist with over twenty-two years’ experience in the international jewellery field working for both Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Over the past decade the company has consolidated its position as one of London’s foremost independent dealerships, based in new Pall Mall premises and specialising in both important estate jewellery and more contemporary luxury items dating from the 18th century to the present day. It can provide those clients seeking a discreet and professional alternative to salerooms and retailers with access to expert knowledge and experience in all aspects of the jewellery market.
In addition to the UK, Humphrey Butler has exhibited regularly in the USA, covering Miami, Naples and Palm Beach in Florida, together with Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco. In 2010 the firm made its inaugural appearance at TEFAF in Maastricht.

Bella has been working with Humphrey Butler for a couple of years and has been lucky enough to borrow some beautiful pieces of jewellery. The ‘Fur and Claw, Ready to wear’ pieces have been a popular choice of Bella’s to wear at trot ups!


eqmedicEqmedic are an equine veterinary supplement company that ensure your horses health to be at their maximum, to help their performance levels. All the products are field tested by equine vets and supported by scientific research.

The benefits of their products speak for themselves and I couldn’t recommend them more highly. To have the confidence that all the products have been scientifically tested and work is a huge reassurance that your horses are getting the best of the best. Therefore, maximising the horses chances of peaking their performance.

I specifically adore the Biomedic Hoof as the supplement has transformed one of my older horses feet and strengthened up his hooves dramatically.


equictyEquity is committed to bring easy to use tools to the horse community, in order to continuously improve their business, health and performances of their horses.

Equicty is built from a handful group of IT specialists with a huge passion for horses. They combine over 40 years of experience in international industrial businesses and have over 45 years of combined expertise in the horse industry.

Bella is very excited to become am ambassador for Equity. Equicty’s stable management software has enabled her to organise and plan her horses training, competitions, finances and health tasks so quickly and easily.

The app in particular has hugely helped sort out her finances and now takes no time to organise her monthly invoices; allowing Bella more time to concentrate on the horses training.


Bedmax ShavingsBedmax began life on a family farm on the coast opposite Holy Island in North Northumberland in 2000.

Bedmax originally began producing for the racing industry, in response to the growing understanding that bedding was often the worst source of airborne dust and spores that can do so much damage to horses in stables.

But in our research into what makes the best bedding for horses, we also discovered that many other areas of equine health and welfare can be affected by bedding – and that the needs of owners are very important too!

Today we have three production plants making well over two million bags of BEDMAX a year for thousands of loyal customers in the UK and our growing export markets.

Bella has been using Bedmax for 20 years and is one of their first customers. Both the Floors Stud and Eventers have only ever used Bedmax for their horses as Bella understands the quality of bedding in the stable is just as important to the health and well-being of your horses feed and forage. The dust-free bedding ensures her horses will always have clear airways and able to perform to their very best.

Saracen Horse Feeds

Saracen is an independent, family owned business with more than 170 years of experience in manufacturing animal feeds. The company takes pride in its traditional family heritage, and stays true to the founding values of trust, integrity, quality, and commitment to exceptional customer service. In challenging environments, Saracen continues to combine these values with modern manufacturing capabilities and innovative, research-led formulations keep us at the forefront of modern feed manufacture.

Bella has been feeding Saracen for the last 6 years and wouldn’t dream of changing her horses feeds! Saracen has transformed one of Bella’s horses who is a fussy eater and has various health difficulties. Feeding her Re-Leve; a cereal free, low sugar, low starch performance ration has massively benefited her overall health and performance, as well as maintaining her overall condition. Having the constant help from the Saracen Rep’s have helped advise Bella on ensuring her horses individual needs are met, to allow them to perform to their best.

Annabel Brocks

Annabel Brocks are a British Brand that launched in 2014 and design a wide variety of products ranging from outdoor bomber jackets to beach boutique.

They have recently launched ‘Nourish’ their first fundraising fashion charity collection, where they are going to help make a difference to those affected by Cancer. A large proportion of profits will be donated across our chosen brands MacMillan Cancer Support, Breast Cancer Care and the Children’s range to Children with Cancer UK. Annabel Brocks products have become quite a regular in press and have been featured in numerous publications including Country Life, Horse & Hound, Tatler, You Magazine, Velvet, Cosmopolitan & The Times and many more.

Bella has always been a huge admirer of Annabel Brock’s beautiful products and now has a lucky belt that can never come off at a competition otherwise its bad luck!! They have a fantastic online shop that shows off their brilliant range of clothing and accessories as well as taking a stand to some of the top Events around the country.

World Class

The British Equestrian Federation’s World Class Podium Potential Pathway Programme 2019-2021 squad consists of 30 talented riders.

Riders who have been selected for the two year programme, funded by UK Sport National Lottery and Sport England, will have the opportunity to access top equestrian specialists including:  international coaches, human sport science and medicine practitioners (physiotherapists and psychologists) and equine sport science and medicine practitioners (farriers, saddlers, vets and equine physiotherapists) via a series of squad training sessions.

Bella feels extremely privileged and lucky to have access to this excellent programme, alongside some brilliant riders and to have help from the very best in the industry is an unbelievable experience.